Peaceful luxury wellness sanctuary where you can recharge, rejuvenate and transform yourself

An enchanting place  for a luxurious experience. Nestled on a cliff, La Crique Nature & Spa overlooks one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world: the Dakhla lagoon. Designed to live Dakhla differently, La Crique is a destination where the notion of “slow travel” takes on its full meaning since everything has been designed to invite you to live an experience, where time seems suspended between sky and sea, in a bubble where everything is luxury, calm and beauty.

Your holiday journey begins on arrival - a stunning  panoramic view of the Dakhla lagoon. This capture moment view will lead you  throughout whole stay. The hotel has been designed to offer a breathtaking sea views wherever we are, at the inside of our luxury eco friendly suite or outside. At any time of the day, we are  captivated by the ambient light, from  the rising sun to  the sky lit at night by the gleams of the moon and a constellation of twinkling stars, passing by the flamboyant colors of the twilight that you can admire
Dont forget to relax and cool off in the superb, environmentally friendly seawater swimming pool. A place of relaxation, facing the magnificent lagoon, which invites you to escape and dream.

An enchanting  place in absolute harmony connection with nature

What we love about Le Crique Nature & Spa

| 15 VIP Suites and 2 Royal Suites

Equipped with every comfort, the Suites are designed and built according to the principles of eco-sustainable architecture and give pride of place to natural materials (bamboo roofs, sandbag walls, etc.). Colors and natural materials help to create a Zen and refined atmosphere. The four-poster beds and ethnic furniture enhance these spaces, both cozy and refined, where it is good to relax.

VIP suite of 65m2  in ethnic spirit style has a private terrace with a stunning view of the lagoon as well as its own garden.

Royal Suites of 100 m2 inspired by a pattern found in African tissues that symbolises luxury, crafted from natural materials, each suite has an exceptional view of the lagoon as well as a private beach access and a private garden.

What we love about Le Crique Nature & Spa

| Wellness and wellbeing sanctuary - Sensoria SPA

Sensoria Spa promises a pleasant sensory experience where all our senses are stimulated to create a feeling of well-being  throughout an unique  wellness approach with dedicated support for rejuvenation, detoxification and stress reduction.
All these unique wellness rituals, based on the local products from the region known for their absolute amazing benefits (white clay, sulfur water, henna, argan oil) take place in the treatment rooms with stunning view of the lagoon cradle us to the euphoric sound of the waves invite us to  relax and balance our lives.

What we love about Le Crique Nature & Spa

| A culinary journey - restaurant L’Ancre Du Gourmet and WetBar

An exclusive and intimate place  where you can can enjoy the chef’s fresh cuisine, exceptional products & dishes and culinary seefood journey. With Dakhla being the cradle of oysters, in the Wetbar, located in the lagoon near the pool, feel the absolute amazing fresh taste of the sea in your mouth.

Check out the level of adventure you could have during your holidays in La Crique

Thanks to the exceptional location on the Rio de Oro peninsula, un the very south of Morocco, Dakhla is a destination full of charm with many activities to enjoy during your stay with us.

Dragoon Island

A mysterious place

Between desert and ocean, like a dragon emerging from deep waters, the dragon island appears in the middle of the beautiful bay of Dakhla. A mysterious Island, of wild beauty that fascinates .

Asmaa Hot Spring

A moment of pure relaxation

In the middle of the beaches, waves and sand ...Divinely hot 38°C water. Divinely hot water  and extremelly beneficial especially since it is sulfurized.


An ancestral oasis in Dakhla

Treat yourself to the wonder of the senses in the middle of an authentic and wild nature and walk towards the harmony of body, soul and spirit. After a 2 hour journey through the dunes, the Imlili area offers varied landscapes, a real gem of nature in the middle of the desert landscape.

Oyster Park

A culinary journey

Come and discover Dakhla's oyster park. This is an opportunity to savor oysters just harvested from the lagoon . Today, Dakhla oysters are a benchmark in terms of taste and quality, in the kingdom, but also beyond its borders.

Portorico Beach

Wild beach with golden sand

About sixty kilometers south of Dakhla, "Porto Rico" is a very beautiful wild beach of golden sand and crystal blue water, a magical place to spend exceptional moments that will remain forever in your memory. You really feel alone in the world. It is the ideal place for swimming and sunbathing away from prying eyes.

La Dune Blanche

An impressive drawing made by nature

White Dunes, known as “La Dune Blanche”. Built only by the wind, this geological wonder is a paradise for pink flamingos, stands in the middle of the bay and is completely cut off by the sea. It is reached mainly by boat or kitesurf. Amazing natural phenomenon of a dune placed in the middle of the lagoon.

Dakhla City

Local atmosphere

Very different from the major tourist places of Morocco.The medina of Dakhla is a destination that remains authentic, far from mass tourism. To soak up the local atmosphere, start by going to the market. There are a lot of different things available for purchase here than you’ll find in other cities. Dont forget to buy melhfa fabric (the lightweight wraps that women from the Sahara wear), Saharawi loose tea, acacia sap for sweetening tea, and el aych a type of grain/cereal commonly eaten here.