Intense spiritual training in the heart of Morocco and in SAHARA

September  2024 (12 days / 11 nights)

Marrakech  • Awakened Master • Spiritual training • Ancient Vedic practices and rituals • Keys to daily life in awareness • Berber stories  • Local markets  • Atlas mountains • Liquid gold argan oil • Moroccan tea ritual • Aint BenHaddou • Ourazazate • Draa valley• Date gardens • Zagora • Sahara • Enchanting oasis • Dades valley • Todra Gorges • Skoura • Rose valley - Kelaat Mgouna • hammam ritual • ancient Berber culture • Atlantic ocean 

WORDS FROM THE MASTER — It is a unique opportunity to radically transform your life into divinity. 12 days  of integrated and joyful spiritual journey that enables you to personally experience the deepest level of your being and means of enlightened living.

The collective process facilitated during the retreat promotes emergence into pure consciousness in spiritual depth. You instantly feel the bliss and freedom of your infinite nature and recognize your wholeness and perfection. It awakens the cosmic creative energy inside you in an atmosphere of intense silence.

The retreat approaches the most transformative spiritual exploration in your life through meditative practices of the ancient Vedic sciences, guided by an awakened master Sacchidanandaprem Acharya Swamin. Through intentional practices uncover the inner wisdom, peace, infinite Joy and awareness that arises from ultimate potential within. It cultivates the holistic wellbeing of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states.

Spiritual training in the kingdom of beauty and silence

MOROCCO — A labyrinth of stories, dreams and contrasts. A maze of secrets and myths. A country with powerful magic. The moment we hear the voice calling to prayer will touch our hearts with such intensity that one part of us will never want to leave this place. All our senses are heightened.

BERBER STORIES — Old-time mythology. A deep mystery of knowing. Unique and enchanting alchemy of rhythms, colours, patterns, symbols, fragrances, tastes, knowing. Winding streets, old medinas with markets that tell tales. Oriental shopping, snake enchanters, mages, belly dancers, mint tea. Hammam rituals, where after the experience, time and space come to have a completely new dimension.

ATLAS — Berber villages, amethyst mountain, mint tea, green oases, valleys, in spring full of flowering cherries and almond trees, on the backdrop of ever-white peaks of the Atlas. Wild rosemary, fragrant lavender. Fragrances and tastes that will be taken in through our hearts.

LIQUID GOLD — Argan oil, waterfalls and caves. Sensual embodiment of Maghreb mysticism. Place where colours strengthen all our experiences, and wewill talk about them for a long time. 

SAHARA - a magnificent and majestic place, with a million stars in the sky. Love for life. If we allow ourselves to slow down, we hear a story. A story about women who were beautiful, strong and free and about men who knew the Truth, understood the language of the desert and followed its signs. A story about trade caravans that traveled through the endless desert.

| WHO WILL LEAD US - our awakened MASTER

Sacchidanandaprem Acharya Swamin

An adwaita vedanta spiritual master, mystic and a founder of the school of brahma vidya siddhanta and the Sacchidanandaprem Foundation. Since 2004, He has been traveling India, Asia and Europe, lecturing on his experiential teaching and leading intensive retreats. Sacchidanandaprem was born and raised in a srivaishnava scholar family and carried the spiritual heritage through studying and serving in Srivaishnava Seva Ashram. He had his curiosity to find the supreme reality at age of ten and later, as a result of a spontaneous revelation of divine consciousness, he lost interest in pursuing a worldly life. He spent several years of spiritual pursuit, including studies and practices in traditional institutions of many masters and living as a wandering ascetic in India. He visited the land of the sages, Himalaya and met his last guru, a Himalayan wandering sage in 2004. Shortly, He experienced the ‘supreme conscious’. His spontaneous vision is an opportunity for all humans to recognize their self being, the absolute truth, consciousness, bliss and love with a little deep sincere effort. He has healed hundreds of people from diseases of mind, body and emotion and is dedicated to many humanitarian activities. He is the infinitely blissful with simplicity, beyond particular religion, tradition, and cult, incorporating to present the path of transcendental living.

The unique combination of relaxation, knowledge and deep wisdom. What we will experience throught our stay

Flight to the country of miracles

DAY 1 ~ Marhaba. Be warmly welcome.

You have two options. Group flight: we fly as a group with a flight from Vienna to Marrakech. After arrival we will transfer you to the hotel and accomodate you in our Riad. Individual flight: possibility to fly to Marocco with any flight leaving from  the closest place of your home, directly to Marrakech. We will warmly meet you then at the airport, transfer to Riad where a welcome ritual will be waiting for us - original Morroccan mint tea with pastries. Slowly begin our wellbeing  journey by slow relaxing, resting in our gorgeous rooms. Evening brings a beautiful sunset and  enjoying homemade morrocan dinner from pure natural resources of our sanctuary.

Sacred time for yourself

Day 2 ~ Traditional hammam a Satsang

Welcome to the heart of a Berber village. Breakfast and it's time to start exploring the wonderland. Nourish and fully immerse yourself in all the wonderful experiences that await us. We can just relax by the pool at our hotel and enjoy the warm and sunny weather, privacy, and delicious food.

After lunch we will have a unique opportunity to connect with locals and be absorbed into Moroccan culture through a visit to one of the traditional Hammams. Hammam is a traditional bath ritual after which time and space gain different dimensions. The ritual highly beneficial for the body and soul has been very significant in Morrocan culture for centuries. It is a unique combination of warmth and pure herbal products that make the procedure one of the most efficient treatments. Traditional hammam is a treatment with massage techniques, which have been passed from generation to generation.
We will use this day for meetings to discuss questions about enlightened living and spiritual practice. Swamin will dedicate his time to individual consultations with all group members, discussing all topics of interest. Mostly topics of relationships and internal prosperity. It is your opportunity to have your deep internal questions, fears or conflicts looked at and answered by the awakened master and take the time to contemplate them in silence and beauty of the surrounding country of miracles. 


Day of intense spiritual practice

DAY 3 ~ Practice

In the morning we will begin with authentic yoga and Panch maha bhuta shuddhi kriyas (cleansing five elements of body and practices) and continue with practices of body awakening and balancing of inner energies through Pranayama (breathing exercise). After lunch we with practice of mental purification through the chanting the vedic mantra, Mudra Practice and conclude with Shushruta Vedic healing practice and healing sessions.
Dinner, free program.

Day of intense spiritual practice

DAY 4 ~ Practice

We will devote the morning to the Mauna (silence practice) with personal spiritual guidance given by Swamin. After lunch we will continue with Maharudra Yagya (fire ceremony) and Initiation with receiving a spiritual name. In the evening we will exercise the Akhanda maha dhyan (Intensive meditation from Maharshi Vashistha).Dinner and in the night, we will enjoy a group discussion of spiritual awakening.

Day of intense spiritual practice

DAY 5 ~ Practice

Breakfast and we will continue with Kundalini and Samadhi Practice for inner experiences with personal guidance by Swamin. Lunch and dinner in the hotel, free program.

The city of miracles - Marrakech

DAY 6 ~ Discover Marrakech by bike-  an eco-friendly way. Berber markets, Koutoubia, souks

Morning breakfast and Marrakech is waiting for us. The Red city, the Daughter of the Desert, the Gate to the Mountains, the Pearl of the south and Baghdad of the west. The city of miracles. Let discover the beauty of Marrakech in an eco - friendly way. Who does not try, does not believe. After 2 hours on a bike, you will be able to orient yourselves in the old city - Medina - as a local citizen. Together with a young, native tour guide, we  will discover the mysteries of Marrakech while cycling. The tour is developed by locals, and using the bicycle  bring us beyond the tourist districts to show us the hidden jewels of Marrakech that usually remain secret to visitors.Moroccan tea and pastries included in the program.

Afternoon we will have enough time for the local markets since everything we will find here will exceed our expectations. Everything you could think of can be found here- beautiful Berber jewels, fragrant spices, hand-made clothes like from One thousand and one night stories, typical Moroccan shoes from babouche, leather hand bags, hand-made baskets, embossed oil lamps, alabaster sculptures, precious stones and crystals, traditional Berber carpets. Return to the hotel, dinner.

The adventure begins

Day 7 ~ Tizi n Tichka, Atlas Mountains, Kasbah Telouet, Aint Ben Haddou

Breakfast and the adventure begins. We move along winding roads through the Atlas, which according to legend supports the titan Atlas to Kasbah Telouet - also called the palace of the El Glaoui family for lunch at Kasbah Telouet - a jewel of Moroccan architecture. Once a major stop on the trans-Saharan salt and slave trade routes. 300 workers worked for three years on the decoration of ceilings and walls. In the afternoon - AIT BED HADDOU - the best preserved and most important example of Moroccan clay architecture. The ancient hilltop city has featured in films such as Lawrence of Arabia, The Mummy, Gladiator, Alexander the Great and the beautiful film Seherazade. The highlight is a visit to film studios. ATLAS, check-in at the hotel, dinner.

Valley of roses, nomadic crossroads and rocky gorges of the Todra

Day 8 - Ourzazate, Skoura, Kelaat Mgouna Valley, Dadés Valley, Todra

After breakfast, a day full of unrepeatable and unforgettable experiences is ready for us. Nomadic crossroads, valleys of roses, two-color KASBY. The Dadés Valley awakens our imagination to unknown dimensions. From the majestic Atlas Mountains to the SARHRO hills, the valleys are dotted with oases and kasbahs (castles) made of dried bricks, which gave the valley its fairy-tale name - Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs. We pass through the town of SKOURA, where they brought up caravans fully loaded with gold, spices, incense and salt after a two-month journey through the SAHARA. We stop for tea with real nomads, who gladly welcome us and share with us a part of their culture, a part of themselves. In the early evening we pass through the Todra Gorges and 300 m high cliffs: one of the most impressive sights in southern Morocco. Accommodation, hotel, dinner.

A hidden diamond in the SAHARA with a million stars

Day 9 - Draa Valley, Agdz - Kasbah Tamnougalt, Zagora, M´Hamid, Sahara

After breakfast, direction M'Hamid. The last stop before entering the desert. We pass through the Draa Valley - have any of you seen more palm trees together? Kasbah tamnougalt, lunch and transfer to the city of M`Hamid, where we will leave our cars and each of us will saddle our own camel, with which we will move into the desert. To a place that only our guide knows and that he can confirm with certainty that we will be there alone. Accommodation in Berber tents right in the desert.

The nomads are moving south

Day 10 ~ Crossing the Sahara,  Marrakech

We wake up early in the morning with the sunrise over the desert dunes, an experience we will remember for the rest of our days. Only us and the sacred silence of the morning dawn. Breakfast and off we go. We have 4x4 cars so we will enjoy the experience. A 2.5-hour crossing of the SAHARA awaits us, where what we will see will far exceed our expectations. Oases, wild herds of camels and sheep, nomadic tribes and majestic desert. We have a giant privilege, because only the prepared are allowed to enter here. We are speechless for a while and then, after absorbing all those experiences, we become storytellers.
In the afternoon, we stop at a local cooperative, where local women still weave carpets in the original way, as my mother taught them. In the evening, return to the hotel near Marrakesh, well-deserved rest, dinner.

A day of regeneration and relaxation

Day 11 ~ Rest, rest and relaxation

Breakfast and it's time to rest. Relax and absorb energy from the Sun, relax by the pool and enjoy privacy, delicious home-cooked food prepared in the kitchen by local women from fresh ingredients.

Bislama. Goodbye, until we meet again.

Day 12 ~ Take the key to enlightened living home

Enjoy your last breakfast in the country of beauty and contrast before your private transport take you to the airport and you will take a flight from Marrakesh. In reality, after just 8 days in the kingdom of beauty, however, your experiences will reflect those of a month’s stay. It’s our wish that you depart with the knowledge that the journey itself is the ultimate destination.


This 12 -day spiritual and transformational retreat led by an experienced awakened Master  is curated and fully guided to allow you to enjoy your traveling and trip to the fullest, not having to worry about the details. Our beautiful hotel, exquisite local food and hand-picked experiences are tried and tested by Aromi Travel to give you the best authentic Moroccan experience.

• REGULAR Price:  2140 EUR

POSSIBLE TP PAY IN 3 SMALL PAYMENTS.  In case of special price, all partial payments must be paid by 30.1.2024.


•  all local  transfers
• 11x accomodation
• 11x breakfast
• 11x dinner
• LOCAL HAMMAM experience 
• 4 day ALL INCLUSIVE trip to Sahara by 4x4 TOYOTA PRADO cars
• Marrakesh - city tour according to the program
• Marrakech- Bike tour of the medina and markets
• exploring local cuisine, culture, spirituality, local artisans, pharmacies and local agriculture
• guide during the entire stay
• Deep Local Discovery & Immersion activities
• Discovery of local cuisine, culture, spirituality, artisans, botany, apothecary & argriculture
•  Philanthropic Activation - PLANT A TREE activity

• a unique system of exercises, tools, experiences and knowing, with which you will experience the nature of your being and learn to activate and freely use your own creative life energy led by an experienced awakened Master Sacchidanandaprem Acharya Swamin
• personal consultations with Swami during all stay, on topics of your choice



• return flight ticket
• travel Insurance (mandatory)
• local fees 2,50 Eur/person/night
• Meals not outlined within the final itinerary
• All Optional and Non-Programmed Activities, all your personal purchases, alcohol, staff gratuities

** AromiTravel reserves the right to change the program.

To reserve your place please call Adina at +421 902 918 832 or send an e-mail to Number of participants is limited so reserve your place and date as soon as possible.

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